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Pharmaceutics and Healthcare


The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is one of Kosta Legal’s key engagements. We provide legal support to our clients operating in industries including pharmaceuticals, medical services, medical products and equipment, cosmetics, and specialty food products.

Members of our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Practice Group proactively provide tailored, comprehensive and practical advice to our clients based on their extensive experience, knowledge and fundamental understanding of the relevant industries. Our clients regularly engage us to provide them with expert advice during all operational stages, but we particularly focus on regulatory issues, sales, competition and intellectual property law matters, such as licensing, approvals and permits, trade regulations, price setting, advertising, labelling, trademarks and patents.

Our professionals also assist clients in conducting due diligence and internal investigations into their compliance with the company’s internal policies, including those covered under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act of 2010.

Pharmaceutics and Health Legal Services:

  • Government approvals (licensing of pharmaceutical activities, registration of medical devices and pharmaceutical products, certification of medical equipment, etc.)

  • Import-export operations (contractual arrangements, customs clearance, forex regulations)

  • Distribution (due diligence of potential distributors, development of distribution schemes, distribution infrastructure)

  • Competition matters (M&A, distribution and franchising, price setting, advertising and product promotion)

  • Intellectual property (patents, trade names, trademarks, parallel imports, infringing products)

  • Licensing and franchising

  • Product liability and product safety

  • Human resources matters (employment, benefits and compensation schemes, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, internal policies, personal data protection)

  • Compliance matters (anti-bribery and anti-corruption, engagement of state health professionals, tenders)

  • Dispute resolution

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