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Regular compliance advising to British corporation

Saturday, 11 May 2019

For many years, Kosta Legal has been acting as external counsel for a British pharmaceutical corporation advising on a variety of matters related to its distribution and marketing activities in Uzbekistan.

We assist the company in all legal and compliance matters that it faces in Uzbekistan. One particular aspect of our advising, which is unique for the Uzbek legal market, is rendering compliance-related services with regard to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. We are regularly engaged in conducting compliance due diligence investigations and checks. Our role in such investigations is to collect and verify information on counterparties, distributors and vendors of the company, to prepare relevant internal reports that satisfy requirements of the abovementioned Acts and to monitor due implementation of company’s internal compliance regulations.

Our client is a British pharmaceutical company headquartered in London, being the world's sixth largest as of 2015, having offices in 115 countries and employing over 100,000 people around the world.

Assistance in on-going business activities and adjustment of internal policies

In May 2017, Kosta Legal was chosen by a large Japanese pharmaceutical company as its external counsel for advising on all legal matters related to its distribution activities and operation of its representative office in Uzbekistan.

Our current tasks embrace advising the client on legal requirements with regard to import, distribution and advertising of foreign medicines in Uzbekistan, including packaging and certification requirements, medicines registration procedures, price setting, etc. We also extensively assist the company in employment-related matters and the elaboration of internal polices and standard contracts with Uzbek counteragents. Recently, we have revised and readjusted the company’s standard internal policies for application in its Uzbekistan’s representative office. These policies cover many areas of the representative office’s activity, regulating matters ranging from HR and procurement to data protection and rules for engagement of healthcare professionals.

Our client is a large Japanese pharmaceutical company, specializing in ophthalmology and rheumatology medicines, being sold in over 50 countries.