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Assisting Unitel (franchisee of Russian Beeline) in its dispute with state regulators

Saturday, 11 May 2019

The dispute resolution team of Kosta Legal successfully assisted the Uzbek telecommunications operator Unitel (a franchisee of Russian Beeline) in its dispute with the Republican Counsel on Radio Spectrum Frequencies (“RCRF”).

By initiating the court dispute, the client was contesting the RCFR’s decision on the reallocation of radio frequencies ranging from 900 to 1800 MHz between Uzbek mobile operators. In accordance with the reallocation decision, the client lost about 30% of previously available frequencies. It was the first case in Uzbekistan where a telecommunications company challenged the decision of RCRF.

Lawyers of Kosta Legal successfully upheld the interests of the company, having provided full support in resolving the matter at several stages of the litigation. The positive resolution of the case was of great significance, as failure in the dispute with the state regulator could have undermined the company’s overall ability to operate within the market.

Unitel, operating under the brand of Russian Beeline, is one of the country’s largest telecom companies, occupying a strong position in the market of mobile services.

RCRF is the main state body responsible for the allocation of radio spectrum frequencies in Uzbekistan