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Rights of foreign citizens to purchase residential property

Rights of foreign citizens to purchase residential property
Thursday, 20 December 2018

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 92 of February 27, 1999, foreign citizens can purchase a residential property within Uzbekistan only if they have a residence permit (RP). Moreover, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 15, 2018 No. 123 defines certain conditions that should be followed while executing such a transaction:

  1. An accommodation should be located in a new building (no more than 3 years shall pass from commissioning the building);
  2. The price of the accommodation shall be at least UZS 600,000,000.00 (approximately USD 72,300.00);
  3. Payments should be made in the UZS via bank transfer.

Foreign citizens and non-residents of Uzbekistan have to pay higher fees for notarizing deals on purchase of residential property in new buildings than citizens of Uzbekistan. The state fee for foreigners is 10% from the contract price.  

A basis for obtaining RP is the permission for permanent residence. The permission is granted by local internal affairs authorities at the place of temporary residence of a foreign citizen. To obtain the permission for permanent residence, a foreign citizen (applicant) shall submit the following documents:

  1. Standard form application;
  2. Notary certified consent of family members (acquaintances), with whom the applicant intends to reside. The consent shall confirm that the family members agree with the applicant's request to reside with them. It shall be accompanied with the title documents of the family members to the residential property, where the applicant wishes to reside and the documents specifying the number of people living in such residential property;
  3. Notary certified copies of birth and marriage certificates confirming the relationship between the applicant and his/her family members, if applicable;
  4. Proof of the state fee payment in the amount of USD 50;
  5. Photos (35 x 45 mm).

The application along with all the accompanying documents shall be considered by the internal affairs authorities within the period of no more than 1 month.

In case where the permit for permanent residence has been successfully received, a foreign citizen can proceed with an application for RP. The procedure for issuing RP for foreign citizens with permanent residence is defined in the Annex 2 to the Presidential Decree of 26 February 1999 No. 2240. As per the Decree No. 2240, in order to receive RP, an applicant, a foreign citizen, shall prepare and submit the following documents to the local office of the internal affairs authorities at his/her place of permanent residence in Uzbekistan:

  1. Standard form application;
  2. Birth certificate;
  3. Valid passport;
  4. 5 photos (35 x 45 mm);
  5. Permission for permanent residence, indicating all family members;
  6. Marriage certificate, if applicable;
  7. Proof of the state fee payment in the amount of 20% of minimum monthly wage[1]

The application shall be considered for a period of no more than 15 days.

RP is issued for the period of 5 years, but shall not exceed the validity period of the foreign citizen’s passport.

[1] As of December 14, 2018, the minimum monthly wage is UZS 202,730.00 that is approximately USD 25.