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Assisting in international arbitrage involving Uzbekistan’s largest state-owned company

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Kosta Legal has successfully assisted counsel of a foreign investor in an arbitration dispute with one of Uzbekistan’s largest state-owned enterprises (“SOE”).

Our lawyers appealed for the closure of a case initiated in Uzbek courts by this Uzbek SOE, simultaneously assisting the counsel of the investor in arbitration proceedings, which had commenced abroad. Representing the client in the Uzbek court, we succeeded in persuading the judges to leave the SOE’s claim without consideration; this was a significant challenge considering that state-owned companies usually enjoy notable favouritism. Supporting the foreign investor in the arbitration proceedings, we advised them on a variety of Uzbek law matters, including the legal status of Uzbek state-owned companies, rules for finding the affiliation between a company and the state, and local company law requirements for entering into related-party transactions.