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Regular legal assistance to oilfield servicing companies

Saturday, 11 May 2019

For several years now, Kosta Legal has been providing regular legal assistance to oilfield services companies operating in Uzbekistan, including French Schlumberger and Australian WorleyParsons. A variety of issues are covered, including services supply matters, matters related to the engagement of local workforce and foreign experts, establishment of local legal entities, cooperation with state agencies and the government, and regulatory compliance.

The oil and gas industry remains one of the most competitive sectors of the Uzbek economy with many foreign investors wishing to enter the market. Constant legal advising is important to optimise the operations of companies working in the industry to allow them to remain competitive and to swiftly react to actions of regulators.

Owing to the lack of local specialists, foreign nationals have to be provided considerable incentives by oil and gas companies to work in Uzbekistan. Legal support is required for legalising these workers’ stays inside the country with special licenses and permits needing to be regularly re-obtained. Besides this, it is important to structure relevant employment relations in compliance with Uzbek law. Having much experience in working with foreign nationals, Kosta Legal lawyers are unsurpassable advisors on these matters.

Schlumberger is the world's largest oilfield services company, headquartered in Paris, France. The company employs over 115,000 people in 85 countries. Its activities in Uzbekistan started in 2004.

WorleyParsons is an Australian engineering company providing project delivery and consulting services to the resources and energy sectors and complex process industries. Working in 42 countries, the company entered the Uzbek market in the mid-2000s.