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Assisting in termination of employment relations with executive managers

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Kosta Legal has successfully advised an international organisation engaged in a dispute over the dismissal of top managers of its Uzbek branch. The employees brought a claim of unfair dismissal to the court and to the state agencies overseeing operation of international organisations in Uzbekistan.

The role of our lawyers was to advise the client on its chances to win the case if the dispute was heard in court, to facilitate negotiations with the managers and, eventually, to draft a settlement agreement. The case turned to be particularly difficult, because the client wished to avoid negative publicity and to ensure that the transition in management was smoothly handled with office’s operations not being undermined. It should be added that the engaged state agencies were closely following the matter and the risk was imminent that the work of the office would be suspended.

After extensive negotiations, the parties agreed to settle the dispute, having entered into an amicable termination settlement agreement, while the requirements of the state agencies were fully satisfied with the management transition having gone swiftly.

Our client was a global health and humanitarian relief organisation, empowering health care workers around the globe. Having been operating for more than 60 years, it has established its presence in 26 developing countries including Uzbekistan.