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Advising on purchasing large poultry meat producer

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Kosta Legal lawyers have successfully advised a client on purchasing 100% of shares of a target company owning one of the Uzbekistan’s largest poultry factories.

One of significant challenges of the transaction was that the poultry factory owned by the target had been initially purchased through a public tender from one of the Uzbek commercial banks and the purchase price was not paid in full yet. The change in shareholding of the target company required to obtain the relevant consent from the bank and an organiser of the public tender. It was further necessary for our client, purchasing the company, to provide additional security to the bank to secure its consent. Our lawyers elaborated a sophisticated security structure and drafted a number of security agreements, having successfully negotiated terms of the security arrangement with the bank.

Our client was an Uzbek financial and industrial group interesting in diversifying its business activities.