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Tracing property for an Indian pharmaceutical company

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Compliance and investigations experts at Kosta Legal have usefully traced the property of an Uzbek subsidiary of an Indian pharmaceutical company that had been sold by its executive manager acting beyond the powers vested to him by subsidiary’s foundation documents.

Official “attorney’s enquiries” were sent to a variety of state agencies with information having been eventually retrieved from some of them about whereabouts of the property and the terms of its transfer. It confirmed that unauthorised disposal had indeed taken place.

The case took a great deal of time with many pieces of property needing to be searched for. Multiple enquiries had to be made at state agencies, which, generally, tended not to provide sufficiently detailed information.

Our clients was one of the India’s largest producers of generic drugs, active in the Central Asian and Southeast Asian pharmaceutical markets.

Reporting on the identity of potential distributors for a West European corporation

Kosta Legal experts have provided a detailed report to a West European company wishing to enter into a number of distribution agreements with Uzbek companies.

Public records revealing companies’ business practises and their trustworthiness had to be analysed, with relevant information being summarised and presented to the client. The history of their operations, commercial relations with foreign and local suppliers, as well as public information about their shareholders were necessary in order for the client to make an informed decision and to comply with its internal know-your-counterparty policies.

Extensive research was done by our experts with a variety of public registries and catalogues having been checked. The final report contained summarised information about each and every potential counterparty, revealing a detailed history of their activities.

Our client was a West European manufacturing company working in several industrial sectors and occupying a strong position in several countries of the post-Soviet region.

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