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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Having been engaged by a number of Uzbekistan’s leading financial lease companies to induce changes in the judicial interpretation of Uzbek legislation on financial leases, Kosta Legal has successfully presented and defended their joint position at a plenary meeting of the Uzbek judiciary.

For over half a year, experts of Kosta Legal worked jointly with judges of economic courts across Uzbekistan, prominent scholars, and representatives of governmental bodies on refining the application of the existing legislation on financial leases. The majority of the suggestions of our lawyers, reflecting the interests of country’s largest financial lease companies, were considered and included into a draft report on improving judicial practise, as prepared by a specially convened consolidation commission. Following our lawyers’ presentation, all of the draft suggestions were eventually accepted by the Plenary Assembly of the High Economic Court and included in the final report.

Plenary meetings of the Uzbek judiciary, held under the auspices of either the Supreme Court or the High Economic Court depending on the agenda of the meeting, are regular meetings of country’s judges aimed at consolidation and systematisation of application and interpretation practises in particular areas of law. Final reports in the form of resolutions are adopted by that meeting’s Plenary Assembly, binding for all courts of the country.