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Advising for the financing of a financial lease company

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Kosta Legal acted as a legal counsel to the Belgian investment company, Incofin, which has provided a large loan to the private financial lease company Uzbek Leasing International (“Uzbek Leasing”) for funding its current financial lease operations.

Our lawyers reviewed the loan agreement, developed and assisted in implementation of a sophisticated security structure, carried out legal due diligence on objects of the pledge and helped Uzbek Leasing with CP satisfaction. Much work has been done to overcome the rigidness of Uzbek law and to structure a workable security mechanism allowing Uzbek Leasing to pledge its rights under financial lease contracts with its clients.

Incofin is a Belgium-based company managing funds and investments in developing economies. Its investors are leading development funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, alternative investment funds, high net worth and retail investors. Having started its operations in 2001, the company currently has five offices worldwide.

Uzbek Leasing is Uzbekistan’s largest non-state financial lease company, offering its products to small, medium-sized and large companies in a variety of industries. The company’s offices operate all over the country with the country’s largest private and state-owned enterprises being counted amongst its clients.